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Dear Visitors,
time of "unit" or "standard bogies" has expired, there are no more official institutions, carry out those kind of standardization. The privatization of European rail transport, the growing volume of freight traffic and environmental requirements have changed the development processes in the railway industry sustainable. In the past impulses had been emanated by official authorities and national state railway administrations "guaranteed" orders, today private investors are the customers of manufacturers and expect from them cost effective and also the long term usable future oriented products.

Already in the 1980s and 1990s, there have been innovative approaches, however, was and is the "migration" of these new developments to the market related with difficulties. First development approaches date back in the 1970s ("Y 25 orientable", "Talbot DRRS"). Further impetus came by privatization of British Rail in the 1980s, especially started in the 1990s with the German/Swiss project "LEILA"in the 1990s with the German/Swiss project "LEILA". This project has a lasting impact on the debate about modern freight car running gear and directed attention to questions such as "telematics" and "life cycle cost". Meanwhile, various manufacturers have picked up these impulses and implemented them more or less profound.

"InnoBogies" tries to present, accompany an document these developments. It can't matter this site to comment or evaluate these constructions. Rather here shall information to be collected, prepared and presented which going beyond pure product information supplied by the manufacturers and are hard to reach otherwise. "InnoBogies" is emerged from my website "Güterwagen-Drehgestelle" ( which - focusing on historic aspects - will be continued in proven manner.

"InnoBogies" is offered bilingually (German/English), single contributions are allocated to producers and according to a uniform composing principle (visual presentation by sketches, photos; description; information on further variations and implementations; history; sources/literature).

Documentations will successively be elaborated, published and will be supplemented if necessary - see
Updates. The editor strives to careful compiled and comprehensive representations. Unfortunately, sometimes only incomplete information are available, so some contributions can't be as detailed as desired. For errors - even in the translated texts - the editor has sole responsibility, any liability is excluded (see also Imprint).

"InnoBogies" is not possible without the involvement and support of third parties dealing with freight car issues, bogies and provide their knowledge in the form of books or essays, without the Internet forum "Güterwagen" ( wagon/) without Detlef Perner "Güterwagen-Correspondenz". To all who are donating information, photos, graphics and drawings available, I sincerely thank!
Each visitor is invited to contribute for further expansion and improvement of InnoBogies with error hints, criticism, suggestions, information, photos and other materials. I am grateful for any kind of feedback (see

To cover the expenses associated with the website,
relevant advertisements by commercial providers are possible at some positions. Posting ads has no influence on the content of the contributions or their appearance sequence. The ads represent a kind of sponsorship and allow to keep the pages of "InnoBogies" for visitors available free of charge. Therefore, the editorial asks for your kind attention to the ads.

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Terms of Use
1. The entire page and all the ingredients, including graphic files, are subject to international copyright (see
Imprint). This means among others that they are not to be used without prior consultation, expressed authorization in other Internet media, particulary not to be stored as part of other Internet media on external servers, as part of others pages.

2. Unless otherwise stated, the photographs and drawings shown here are from my personal archives. Photos and drawings specified by name were provided by the authors for free only for use on this website. Therefore any abusive use constitutes a nuisance, is strictly permitted and will be prosecuted.

3. "InnoBogies"/ (and parts thereof) may not be linked without my explicit consent. In general I look forward if my site is recommended and I don't mind corresponding links, but I don't want to be involved without being asked in third-party matters, even appear as informant for third parties.

4. For the use of these sites, conditions set out
disclaimer apply. Any further use of this site implies you agreement to these terms.

Presuming your understanding of these legal restrictions and compliance, I wish you much joy and enrichment while visiting my pages.

22 March 2016

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