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Eisenbahnlaufwerke Halle
Company - Y 25Lsi(f)-C - RC25NT - ELH 3-25

Eisenbahnlaufwerke Halle GmbH & Co. KG (ELH) established by Michael Schnaufer1 in May 1998 with acquiring industrial building land at Queis and takeover the bogie maintainance section of former Reichsbahn repair workshop Halle, standing before closing.
Before 1989 about 65 000 bogies for passenger cars were produced in the RAW Halle for Waggonbau Ammendorf. 43 employees have been taken over as the production of freight car bogies started - still at the old location.
At the same time, about 10 million DEM (of which about 40% of funding) were invested in the new location at Queis (part of Landsberg/Saalekreis, east of Halle/Saale) and a new 5,000 m² production hall opened in June 1999.
Until 2010, the production facilities have been extended to 8600 m² and production volumes up to increased in 3000 bogies per year.
With 90 employees, a turnover of EUR 13.4 million was realized in 2012. For 2015 was a turnover of EUR 25 million with 120 employees, including 14 trainees, scheduled. [1]

In July 2007 ELH was taken over by G&S Railinvestment GmbH (Baar/Switzerland, sharholders: 70 % Andreas Goer2, 30 % Michael Schnaufer) übernommen. 2012 G&S Railinvestment GmbH was sold to Optifin Invest s.r.o. (Bratislava/Slovakia). Optifin Invest also owns Tatravagónka a. s. Poprad (Chairman of the Executive Board: Alexej Beljajev). [6]

1 Engineer, Managing Director (since 1985) of KARL GEORG Stahlherstellungs- und Verarbeitungs GmbH, Ingelbach/Westerwald (Manufacture of railway buffers and crane wheels), Managing Director of Durel GmbH, Ingelbach/Westerwald (Manufacture of polymer spring systems for buffers and draw gears). [2, 3]

2 until beginning 2015 Chairman of the Board of AAE Ahaus Alstätter Eisenbahn AG [5]

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2 April 2016

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