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Axiom LN 25
Company - AM III - LN 25

LN 25, with 81 70 GB-VTGUK 5500 292-4 Ealnos/60 m³ JNA, Astra Rail, exhibited at InnoTrans 2016

LN 25, photo from Axoim Rail Broshure (edited) [1]

In September 2014 Axiom Rail announced to present LN25 ("
LowNoise") Bogie at InnoTrans 2014 in Berlin.

But neither
there was a prototype nor a model or a brochure about the new bogie to see at the fair booth.
Even other presented informations at the booth (for example computer videos) had been related to the former version TF25 ("
TrackFriendly"). Following DB Schenker Rail informations (Dec. 2014) [2] six modernised bulk rail cars equipped with LN25 bogies should be in operation since the end of June 2014 at Mountsorrel.

"TF25", Diagram "Main Frame Componets", Source: Axiom Rail computer video (Screenshot, edited)
Legend: 1) sideframe, 2) radial arm, 3) rubber bushes, 4) primary suspension (coil springs), 5) primary suspension damper, 6) rubber secondary suspension

H Frame Bogie with radial adjustable wheelsets, lateral load transfer (silent blocks) and two complementing suspension components with hydraulic damping.

Main frame components partly welded, partly casted. Casted sideframe lightly cranked, stiff screwed with cross member (fabricated steel, welded). Radial adjustable (casted) arms bearded against the boigie frame with rubber bushes. Pivot (different from UIC freight wagon standard) - transfering horizontal forces. Two stage suspension, primary suspension (wheelsets against bogie frame): hydraulic damped soft vertical coil springs, secondary suspension (bogie frame against wagon body): hydraulic damped stiff lateral rubber springs. Integral push brake system (also available clasp brake and disk brake systems. Max. axle load 25 t, maximum speed 120 km/h. Optional: weighing valve.

Versions (as far as already known):

a) LN 25 UK (Wheel base 2,00 m, bearing center distance ? mm, wheel diameter (new) 840 mm, wheel profile P 8, max. axle load 25,4 t, brake: CFCB-Unit, optional: weighing valve, ground operated parking brake [7]
b) LN 25 E (UIC-Version) ?

Implementations (LN 25):
a) 20 modernised bulk wagons DB Schenker Rail UK owned for use within the British net. [2]

b) Silo rail car Uacns 78 m³, Feldbinder 2015, Type BTAN 78.4-1 UK, Keeper: VTG UK [7]

Data sheed (LN 25):
Unfortunately, to date, no precise specifications.

Developement of a new, track friendly freight wagon bogie LTF25 started by British Rail Research based
             on bogies for passenger coaches. [3]

1985     Designs sold to Gloucester Railway Carriage & Wagon Company,
             after aquisition by Powell Duffryn serial production of LTF25 started in 1989.

LTF25; official photo, collection Jahn 

1989    Testing LTF25 in a modified version at Deutschen Bundesbahn (BZA Minden) with bulk rail wagon
            31 RIV 80 DB 665 1 142-1, Fals 175 [4]

Test rail car 31 RIV 80 DB 665 1 142 -4 Fals 175 with LTF 25; Minden, 1996. Photo: Harald Westermann

Developement of LTF13 with 540 mm wheel diameter for British Container wagon FLA 2 x 40' (Lowliner).

LTF 13,
official photo Axiom Rail (part of brochure, distributed in 2006)

1997     Start developing TF25 Bogies

Presentation of a prototype TF 25 (Railtrack) at Hannover Fair [4], [5]

TF25 (Railtrack), 840 mm wheel diameter and weighing valve, scetch,
source: Powell Duffryn Rail Projects [5]

TF25 (Railtrack) with TEA Nacco 89102, presented at InnoTrans 2002, Photo: Holger Viebke

As to be seen at the photo from Holger Viebke (2002) sideframes are composed by flat steel plates and casted parts (spring packets, radial arms). Bogie brake ist steered from wagon body, Becorit brake blocks.

Already in 1999 Powell Duffryn announced advanced versions of TF25:
- "TF25 m" (m = moule) with casted siedframes
- TF 25 m (UIC) with 920 mm wheel diameter, 2000 mm bearing center distance and integrated brake system.

TF25 m (UIC)/TF25 m (Prototype, Railtrack), Sketsches; sourdces: Güterwagen-Correspondenz 2/1999, S. 63 [4]/Probotec: brochure TF 25 [6]

TF25 m Prototype; official photo Probotec/Axiom - mention: 5 round cuttings in the sideframe, design of radial arms. (This photo is still to be found in 2015 with the Axiom Rail TF25 brochure)

TF25 m (serial version, Railtrack) with HHA Freightliner 01590, presented at InnoTrans 2004, Photo: Matthias Palmer - mention: 3 round cuttings in the sideframe

TF25 mf (serial version, Railtrack) with parking brake, implemented at TEA VTG UK 88157, presented at InnoTrans 2006, Photo: Bengt Dahlberg - mention: parking brake display

2000     Inital operation of single axle running gear TF25 SA ("Single Axle")

2004     Implementation of the serial version TF25 m (Railtrack) with UK bulk wagon for coal (manufactured by
            Wagony Swidnica), presented at InnoTrans - see Matthias Palmers photo above

2006     Presentation of TF25 E (E = Europe) Prototype at InnoTrans

Prototype TF25 E with conventional clasp brake system, official photo Axiom (left), photo Bengt Dahlberg (right)

2015     At the Internet one will find a partly actualised brochure about Axiom TF25 E with the same bogie
            picture as in the LN25 brochure (see picture straight above)
            ( Rail TF25E.pdf)

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30 September 2016
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