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Eisenbahnlaufwerke Halle
Company - Y 25Lsi(f)-C - RC25NT - ELH 3-25

RC25NT-D, Scetch; Source: ELH

RC25NT-D, Diagrams, Source: ELH; Scholdan et. al. Report at convention "Moderne Schienenfahrzeuge", Graz 2011

RC25NT-D, Prototype InnoTrans 2010; Photo: Bengt Dahlberg

RC25NT-D, Prototype InnoTrans 2010, details (primary suspension, linked, suspended side beares, wheelset coupling); Photos: Bengt Dahlberg

RC25NT-D with handbrake and weighing valve; Elze, 30 November 2014, Photo: G-D/Jahn

RC25NT-D, handbrake gear and signal/bolster guidance; Elze, 30 November 2014, Photos: G-D/Jahn

Advanced, modular constructed Three Piece Bogie with radially adjustable wheelsets, wheelset linkage, two-stage suspension, linked and suspended side beares. (RC25NT - "R"adial "C"ontrolled "25"t "N"ew "T"echnology)

Main frame components (sideframe, bolster) welded. Gooseneck-shaped sideframes with bolster guiders and added wheelset guiders. Bolster with UIC pivot and suspended side bearers. Two-stage suspension, primary suspension: metal-rubber springs, secondary suspension: progressive coil springs. Radially adjustable wheelsets with wheelset coupling. 1435 mm gauge, 1800 mm wheelset base, wheel diameter (new/wear) 920/840 mm, 25 t axle load. Brake design (version RC25NT-D): 2 disk brake units each wheelset, sintered metallic brake pads. Optional: platform-operated handbrake, ground operated parking brake, weighing valve. Self weight aprox. 4850 kg. (Dimensions and mounting space according to UIC 501-1).

Versions (as far as already known):
a) RC25NT-D: with disk brakes, see above

b) RC25NT-C: see a) but with CFCB Compact Brake Unit, Composite brake blocks Bgu design, platform-operated handbrake or ground-operated parking brake

RC25NT-C, RC25NT-Cf, emergency rail car D-DB 90 80 9370 010-6, Frankfurt/Oder, 15 Dec. 2014; Photo: Sven Lehmann

c) RC25NT-K: see a) but braked on one side only by composite brake blocks, Bgu design

d) RC25NT-1676-2A: see a), but for 1676 mm (chilean) broad gauge, runnig gear - for self running control car (80 km/h maximum speed, 15 t axle load) - oneside tread brake unit and additional hydraulic damper.

RC25NT-1676-2A, presented at InnoTrans 2014, Photo: G-D/Jahn

e) RC25NT-CR, -DR, -KR: as a) and c), but for russian broad gauge (1520 mm), offered by Tatravagónka Poprad a. s.

RC25NT-DR, scetch, Source: Tatravagónka, edited by G-D/IB - ja


Implementations (as far as already known):
a) Swedish hot slab rail cars AAE Smmnps BA (?), 83 74 S- AAE 472 1 5xx-x (?), number: 5

RC25NT-D, AAE Smmnps; Photo: Bengt Dahlberg, Notviken, 25 Mai 2014

b) Container Unit Sggrss, 33 RIV 85 CH-AAEC 4975 001-0 bis 016 -8 Sggrss 80‘ 170 [MEB 6/2015, S. 8], Bogies: RC25NT-D

33 RIV CH-AAEC 4975 008-5 Sggrss 80' 170, Photo: Helmut Bückle, Ulm, 18 Juli 2015

c) Chemical rail tank car Zacens, 33 TEN-RIV 80 D-VTGD 7834 758-0; Waggonbau Graaff (WBG), F-Nr. 198 635; built in 2012 (6/REV/101/19. 07. 13), testing vehicle?;
Bogies: RC25NT-D(f), Bogie A (with platform-operated handbrake and weighing valve);
approval number 0941/1/B/2012/RST DEDE/RC 101010 – 01, N: 06/13 LHX

33 TEN-RIV 80 D-VTGD 7834 758-0, Waggonbau Graaff (WBG), F-Nr. 198 635; Baujahr 2012 with
RC25NT-D(f) ELH 2013, (1) Display diskbrake, (2) Display handbrake; Photo: G-D/Jahn, Elze, 30 Nov. 2014

d) Low loader rail car for emergency equipment-swap bodies of DB Netz AG (for breakdown trains, rescue trains, crane escort) in a short (load length 17.0 m) and a long (loading length 24,5 m) version, ss-capable to 16.0 t 
RSL; Manufacturer (wagon underframe): Tatravagonka Poprad (TVP), start of delivery first serie (36 units ): end of November 2014 (e. g. 90 80 D-DB 9370 004-9: 6/REV/TVP/25. 11. 14)
Bogie A: RC25NT-C with weighing valve, Bogie B: RC25NT-Cf (ELH, 2014)

2010-06     first testing set in Sweden (according EN 14363 by TÜV Süd Rail with 2 flatwagons On Rail Smmnps
                 BA 476, 2 sliding wall wagons AAE Habbinss), mentioned 28 June
2010, Skövde
                 following realisation otf the testing results an construction optimization

2010-09     Presentation at InnoTrans Berlin; (Güterwagen-Correspondenz Nr. 123 (12/2010),
                 S. 171, Abb. 219; Eurailpress)
2011-07     Advanced testing set in Germany (same wagons/wagon types)
                 mentioned 27 July 2011 at Ulm (,5484275)

2011-09    Report Dipl.Ing. D. Scholdan and colleagues about RC25NT and testing results at
th Convention "Modern Rolling Stock", Graz

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and various reports at Güterwagen-Forum and at Drehscheibe Online

4 April 2016
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